Before she received her shocking new look, explained: “My style at the moment is big hair, lots of fake tan, typical lass.

“But I want to tone everything down a bit and give off an intelligent persona. I don’t want to be a radgie forever.

“I’m a businesswoman, I want to give off a classier vibe.”

Chloe, who is currently dating hunk Sam Gowland, then admitted she was “crap” at doing hair and didn’t know how where to start, before confessing she had turned up to be analysed without wearing knickers.

Chloe FerryChannel 5

BUSTY: Chloe wants to rock a more demure look

Chloe FerryChannel 5

FULL ON: Chloe’s usual style is daring

She was left gobsmacked when the public heavily critiqued her current outlandish look, as people called her “trashy”.

The babe was then reeling when she was rated a lowly 3/10, telling the glam squad she was feeling more “angry” than upset.

Describing her current style, hair stylist Daniel Palmer explained: “Chloe is more working girl than businesswoman.

“We need to whip her into shape, and then find her some underwear.”

Chloe FerryChannel 5

STRIPPED BARE: Chloe admitted insecurities

“I just need a minute to love myself!”

Chloe Ferry

Chloe then wowed fans with her more demure appearance as she donned a cream two-piece suit, paired with simple make-up and tousled beachy waves.

Her mouth dropped open when she saw her appearance, saying she thought she was “marriage material”.

“I just need a minute to love myself!” she said as she admired her new look.

And fans took to Twitter to praise her make-under.

Chloe FerryChannel 5

CLASSY: Chloe looked gorgeous in a two-piece suit

Chloe FerryChannel 5

HOTTER: Chloe looked classy

“Chloe is absolutely beautiful stripped back!” one fan praised.

A second added: “Chloe is absolutely stunning, slaying it babe.”

“Wow, Chloe looks so beautiful right now!” gushed a third. 

Celebrity 100% Hotter continues Thursdays at 10pm on Channel 5.

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